Top ten investment options in India
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The top ten investment options in India

We live in this modern-day era where change is the only constant, and the investment world is no different. Economies worldwide are more connected than ever. As a result, many investment options are available to investors. Furthermore, technological advancements are beyond belief, making investing highly convenient. Any investment opportunity is just a click away. However,…

money secrets
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Is sharing money secrets a good habit?

Sharing is caring; we all know about it. In other words, to share is to give something to someone, which is equal to taking care of the person. But, that’s not always true. For instance, sharing financial and personal information with others is unnecessary and detrimental. Sharing information like passwords is strictly prohibited. However, there…

How to weigh the risk of stocks, mutual funds and IPOs?

How to weigh the risk of equity investments?

Investors allocate their investible surplus into various assets to diversify risks and achieve holistic portfolio growth. There are several asset classes, and we have discussed six major asset classes earlier. Amongst these, the most popular moderate to high-risk, long-term investment option is ‘Equities’. An investment into equities can be either direct, through mutual funds or…