when is the right time to sell your mutual fund
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How to know when to sell a mutual fund

Disposing investments is as essential as acquiring assets. Usually, investor plan to purchase assets, but forget to assign equal importance to understand the sale process. Quite often, investments are sold for the wrong reasons or at an inopportune time. Selling assets for reasons like having earned good returns, or not having earned returns, or having…

ESG - Future of sustainable investing in India
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Future of sustainable investing in India

ESG investing means pursuing an investing strategy considering the Environmental, Social, and Governance factors. This concept has evolved globally since the early 1970s and has picked up decent traction in India’s investment landscape. The sustainable investing methodology seeks to gain positive returns by investing in companies that meet specific criteria. Several fund houses have been…

Why you should Pursue your Hobbies and Passion
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Pursue your hobbies and earn immeasurable returns

What is a hobby? Any activity you do during your free time is defined as to pursue your hobbies. Activities like, outdoor activities, sports, playing music, performing arts, painting, collecting antiques/stamps/stone, reading books, writing, cooking, gardening, etc. Predominantly, any activity that helps you evolve as a human being and adds value to your character, challenges you,…